Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

U Paisi [The Hometown]

A glimpse at the simplicity of life in Calabria and the happiness that emanates from it.



Duormi tranquillu
A luna t'addormenta,
u suli ti rivìghja appena nèscia.
Nu mundu carmu quarcosa,
a strata chi t'aspetta;
muntagni ti salutanu I luntanu;
ti chiama u mari
e l'àrburu ti 'mbita
i frutti mu ti mangi all'umbra sua.
Si nièsci, 'ncuntri amici a tutti I parti
e cuògghji stritti I mani a nòfiniri.
Quarchi nimicu?
U scanzi cuom'u cani
e sì filici.
Sleep tranquilly,
The moon will put you to sleep
The sun will wake you as soon as it rises.
The world is at at peace
and the road awaits you;
The mountains salute you from afar;
The sea beckons you,
the trees invite you to
eat their fruit in their shade.
If you go out, you meet friends everywhere,
whose hands you clasp endlessly.
An enemy?
You avoid him like a dog
and you are happy.
Submitted by Tom Fusia and translated by Dr. Tom Lucente