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Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

Amari Conjugation

A sample conjugation of a verb in the Catanzarese dialect of Calabria.

This is a sample verb conjugation in the dialect of Catanzaro. Amari (Italian "Amare"/English "To Love") is a regular "-ari" verb. Compare to "Amare" as conjugated in 501 Italian Verbs and "Amar" as conjugated in 501 Spanish Verbs.

Information courtesy of Marco Scavo


Verbal Present Past
Infinitive: amari avire amatu
Gerund: amandu avindu amatu
Participle: amanti amatu

Subject Pronouns

Person Singular Plural
1st eu nui
2st tu vui
3rd iddu iddi

Present Indicative

amu amamu
ami amati
ama amanu

Present Perfect

aiu amatu avimu amatu
ai amatu aviti amatu
ava amatu annu amatu


amava amavamu
amavi amavati
amava amavanu

Past Perfect

avia amatu aviamu amatu
avivi amatu aviavu amatu
avia amatu avianu amatu

Past Absolute

amavi amammu
amasti amastivu
amau amarunu

Past Anterior

eppi amatu avimmu amatu
avisti amatu avisti amatu
eppa amatu epparu amatu


amerò ameremu
amerai amerete
amerà amerannu

Future Perfect

amatu amatu
amatu amatu
amatu amatu

Present Conditional

amerei ameremmu
ameresti amereste
amerebbe amerebberu

Past Conditional

averra amatu averramu amatu
averri amatu averrivu amatu
avresti amatu averranu amatu

Present Subjunctive

ama amamu
ami amati
ama amanu

Past Subjunctive

aiu amatu avimu amatu
ai amatu aviti amatu
ava amatu annu amatu

Imperfect Subjunctive

amassi amassimu
amassi amastivu
amasse amasseru

Past Perfect Subjunctive

avissi amatu avissimu amatu
avissi amatu avissivu amatu
avisse amatu avisseru amatu

Present Imperative

ama amamu
ama (non amari) amati
ama amanu

Future Imperative

amerai ameremu
amerà amereti
amerà amerannu