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Africo (RC) Processetti Deaths (1745 - 1862)

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About this collection:

The records from 1745 to 1862 were extracted from processetti records in the town of Africo (RC). These processetti were the supporting documents supplied with the marriage records for the years 1809 to 1865. These do not cover the period completely, so we classify this collection as comprising of selected deaths over the period. Also, be aware that there will be some overlaps between our Africo (RC) Deaths (1809 - 1865) collection. It is good to check them both as there are some differences between the records, which are highlighted in the notes for those records. Where possible, we provide direct links to the Africo (RC) Marriages (1809 - 1865) collection records these processetti relate to. And finally, please note that there are seemingly duplicate records contained within (though they are slightly different). This is intentional as children of the same parents would have nearly identical records attached to their own marriages where it relates to their parents who had passed away prior to their marriages.

If anyone wishes to provide data for years not currently covered by this collection, or if you wish to submit corrections, then please contact us.

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