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Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

Cittanova (RC) Birth Index (1842 - 1865)

Search our Cittanova (RC) Birth Index (1842 - 1865) collection.

About this collection:

This database is made available through our partnership with Calabria Exchange. A special thank you goes out to Livio Moreno who has extracted these records.

The full database comprises birth record indexes from the years 1842 - 1865, however, at present only the years 1862 - 1865 are available here. As other years become available they will be added.

Please note: If anyone wishes to provide data for years not currently covered by this collection, or if you wish to submit corrections, then please contact us.

Search Births from Cittanova (RC) (1862 - 1865)

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