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Calabria, Italy and its Genealogy, History, Culture and Language

San Giovanni in Fiore (CS) - Catasto Onciario, 1753

An in-depth look at household data from the Catasto Onciario of 1753 for San Giovanni in Fiore (CS)

About this collection:

The catasto onciario was the tax roll and doubles as a kind of census for the city. This information has great genealogical value as multiple generations of families can be found in a single household--in some cases, up to three generations!

This database will provide name, age, relationship to head of household, occupation, house location, tax amount, name of spouse, marital status, names of neighbors, physical impairments, type of household, links to the original catasto images and any miscellaneous notes. We have the complete listing of household occupants--not just the heads of the households.

This database is the first and only of it's kind and took nearly five months to extract and make available to you online.

Please note: The people contained in these records were those who owned taxable property, so this may not necessarily be the complete list of residents in the city at the time.

As with all projects of this nature, though every care has been taken, mistakes in transcription may be possible, so if you find any records that you think are incorrect, then please contact us with full details of the issue along with the full URL of the page in question.

Statistical Analysis:

The catasto onciario provides a wealth of information about the populace of the town at that point in time. To understand more about the people, visit our statistics page for a complete breakdown of noteworthy details.

Monetary System:

As this database was primarily used to assess the tax liability of the property owning populace, it is important to understand how the monetary system of the time worked. Here is a brief explanation about what the tax amounts looked like, what they meant and how that amount may be understood in terms of today's value.

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