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Letter to Stato Civile - Request Additional Information

Draft a letter to the Stato Civile of your town of interest to follow-up your initial letter, now asking for additional information.

About this letter

This letter should be used only after sending the initial letter to the Stato Civile. All of the same suggestions apply here as well. This letter is requesting further information based on data they sent you previously. It references the information you received in an effort to refresh their memory (though archivists from larger towns, that get hundreds of requests per year, will probably not remember), and also helps them to narrow down the information you seek.


Fill in/select the appropriate information in the spaces below, then click the submit button. The letter will then be translated and shown to you. Be sure to print it and mail it via postal mail.


Ufficio dello Stato Civile
Comune di
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Dear Gentlemen,

I would like to thank you for your kindness in sendng me the of my , , . Now I have another request to make of you, and I hope that you will be equally as thoughtful in answering me. I would like the extract of the of and of . They are the parents of [Ancestors Name], .

As always, I am grateful for your kindness, and I ask you to charge the postal expenses and the cost of the certificates to me.

Best regards,

[your name]